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Help for black moms, pregnant women and babies

Why Black Babies

Resources for black moms-to-be, moms and babies

Black babies die at nearly 3x the rate of white babies in Columbus...WHY? Connect with information and resources to help eradicate this crisis in our communities.

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Men of Courage

Men of Courage

Dedicated to providing empowerment and support to maximize the prosperity of men

Men of Courage offers opportunities that develop the attitudes needed for men to be accountable for their actions, uncover untapped potential to be leaders, mentor to young people and give back to the community.

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Black Doctors in History

5 Ways to Improve Your Digestion Naturally

This list of suggestions could help you avoid the discomfort and inconvenience of having issues with your digestion while avoiding the use of medication.

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Black Doctors in History

Black Doctors in History

Struggles and Achievements

Learn about some of the struggles that African-Americans faced as they entered the medical field and the many achievements they conquered along the way to become some of the first black doctors in our country.

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Black Doctors in the News

Healthcare’s Racial Divide

Healthcare’s racial divide
PODCAST: Radio Times

Three black doctors share their experiences with the racial divide in healthcare, how this affects black patients and the need for more black doctors in the medical field .

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